Custom Token Showcase

We love tokens, we especially love Sarge & Red's custom tokens! Our Art is done by the one and only Dan Hale.


We create new tokens to distribute with our orders, why you ask, well see the prior sentence. We strive to make fun and usable tokens that double as our business cards so you will always  have a fun way to remember where your last sweet deal on the hottest Magic cards came from. USE THEM, we look forward to hearing from our customers. Have an idea for the next token let us know!

Check out our current and retired token art!  

     Tripp the Swift                                                      

Tripp the Swift - Tripp is a Goblin, and a quick one at that! The Art for Tripp was based on our son Tripp!

  Eric the Edacious

Eric the Edacious - Eric is a hungry ogre, he loves pie and beer (who doesn't) Eric is a friend that helped us begin our journey!


Coming soon Paul the Evil....Ney Bad, Really Really Bad! Paul is our other friend who helped us get our store started. Paul is immortalized as a necromancer in our upcoming Zombie token.