"While the business focuses on fantasy, the story behind how it came to be is truly magical."

Sarge & Red's is a family run business. While many family businesses are left to the next generation Sarge & Red's was established to build a family.  Sarge , AKA John and Red AKA Denise, started down the road of hobby and gaming sales as a means to raise money for an adoption.  We discovered that we enjoyed the fantasy and story of this world and after we adopted our son continued on this road.  John, a Marine Corps Veteran and Dee a VA tech Alumni continue our quest to bring this rich fantasy worlds to our customers. We pride ourselves on customer service and building relationships with our customers....ney friends who set digital foot in our store. We look forward to serving you and seeing you soon in our future B&M store on Americas third coast in the beautiful state of Michigan!



We began with a donated box of Magic The Gathering cards from some of Sarge's childhood friends. They donated the cards in order to help us with fundraising for adoption expenses. Things really grew from there. John (Sarge) was nostalgic about MTG and D&D from his youth and was excited to learn there is a booming market for it today!

Sarge... he's a Marine Corp Vet, tough as nails, skilled negotiator, and a dedicated father.

Red... she's Sarge's red headed wife, runs the back office activities, and a loving mother.

After settling on our store name - to make us stand out in the crowd - we commissioned some artwork.  That turned into more than just a logo but a series of MTG token cards featuring us, our son Tripp, and our good friends Paul and Eric who gave us the original cards. When you order from us - you will generally score one of our awesome tokens.

Our drive is to continue to grow this business through hard work, creativity, and unwavering customer service.